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The Importance of Voting in Local Elections

Updated: Dec 5, 2022

By Nicole Mader

Central Votes Student Government Association Representative

One of the great aspects of voting is that we are able to use our voice to make change within our country. I remember being in high school and being so excited to turn eighteen so I could start voting in the presidential elections. However, as I became older, I became more educated on voting and how our government works. I realized that it wasn't just the general election I had to look forward to, but the primaries, midterms, and elections within your own city. Yes, voting for president is very important, but one of the best ways to use your voice for change is to start with what is happening locally.

When your community is in need of change or you have issues you need to address, it’s essential to talk to your mayor. If you don't believe your mayor is doing everything in their power to make your community a better place, this is where the importance of voting comes in. Decisions that are made by your local government are ones that directly impact you. From affordable housing to the quality of schools to public transit, your local government are the ones who make these decisions. By voting in local elections, you have a say in how to make your community a better place.

By voting for judges, mayors, treasurers, etc., you are able to see a difference on how your community runs. Voting in smaller elections creates opportunities for people in power to rise to higher positions which can help not only your town, but your entire state, and eventually, your entire country.

By Nicole Mader

Central Votes Student Government Association Representative


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