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  1. How do I know if I am registered to vote? If you are an in-state student, type your address into to find information about your voter registration status, in which precinct you will vote, and your polling location. Out-of-state students should consult for specific information on their state’s voting policy.

  2. I’m an out-of-state student. What do I do? To make sure you are registered, check for specific information on your state’s voting policy. Out-of-state students may choose to vote in Mt. Pleasant without being required to have a permanent driver’s license address change.

  3. Do I need a driver’s license to register to vote? No, any state-issued I.D. is sufficient.

  4. Do I need to be a U.S. citizen to vote? Yes; you must have legal citizenship status to register to vote in a U.S. election.

  5. Some guy with a clipboard registered me to vote. Am I all set? First, double check that the registration went through by verifying on If not, you can register to vote by following the instructions on the website. OR, you can come to the Fire Up the Vote event on CMU’s campus on September 23 between 10:30 am – 3:30 pm to conveniently register in person.

  6. If I register in Mt. Pleasant, will this be the address I use? Yes, Make sure to use your Residence Hall’s official street address. Remember that if and when you move from the residence hall, you should update your address with the Secretary of State.

  7. What is absentee voting and how do I do it? Voting absentee is useful for students who do not wish to drive home on Election Day. To vote absentee, you mail in your vote prior to the election. Remember - to vote absentee, you must apply for a ballot prior to the election.

  8. How do I apply for an absentee ballot? Go to, click on Absentee Voting, and follow the instructions.  You can now even apply for it online!

  9. I’ve already voted in a previous election. Do I need to worry about anything? Nope, not really. Just remember to apply for an absentee ballot ahead of the election! You may, however, choose to register to vote in Mt. Pleasant.

  10. Does changing my address affect my financial aid status? No. Your financial aid status is not affected, even though you may no longer have the same permanent address as a parent/guardian.

  11. How can I learn about candidates/issues on the ballot? One of the best resources for Michigan voters is, which allows voters to type in their address to load a sample ballot. This will then load up a list of candidate biographies and information about candidates.

  12. On Election Day, do I have to vote for everything on the ballot? Nope! But it’s always a good idea to know as much information as you can on ballot issue before heading into the polls.

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