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Letter to the Editor

Updated: Dec 5, 2022

By Mackenzie Clark

Campus Vote Project Democracy Fellow

Central Votes Treasurer

Dear Editor,

I know these times are unprecedented and hard, so I hope you and your loved ones are well. With that, I want to introduce myself. I am originally from the city of Plainwell which is located in Southwest Michigan. I go to school at Central Michigan University in Mount Pleasant which is located in Northeast Michigan. Although these cities are on opposite sides of the state, I have seen how elections have been affected in similar ways.

The health of the public is the number one priority right now and there is no denying this. However, we are a strong community and will get through this. When we do, elections will still be there and as important as ever. That brings me to why I am writing. I want to make sure Michigan is still focusing on and emphasizing the importance of elections. This includes the May 5th elections as well as the August and November elections.

A way to help people still vote during these troubling times is to disseminate information on mail-in voting and absentee applications. When people are being encouraged to stay inside these are especially imperative. It is important to make sure information on how to fill out these documents is easily accessible to all. This will help to ensure we are caring for the health of voters while still encouraging them to participate in our democracy.

Thank you so much for reading this piece of writing on something that is important to me and so many others.

Mackenzie Clark

Campus Vote Project Democracy Fellow

Central Votes Treasurer


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